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Styling & Wardrobes

“Dress sharply and they'll remember the outfit; dress impeccably and they'll remember the woman.” Coco Chanel

Does your wardrobe need updating, editing, organising? Whatever the reason – a new job, new relationship, a new mum or if you are just simply stuck for style – Urban Angels are here to help.

We know that anyone can look stylish whatever their shape, size, age or budget. Just a little bit of guidance and assistance can go a long way to boosting your confidence and helping you back on the road to feeling good and looking fabulous.

After a brief consultation we work out a style profile for you. We can help identify which items to keep from your existing wardrobe, and assist you in finding new pieces for a fabulous new look. Whether we shop for these on your behalf, we shop together with you, or we simply advise you on what and where to find the right items, you are guaranteed to have a fresh new you.

Go on, spoil yourself, you're worth it!


Shopping•  Do you go shopping and come home with nothing, or clothes that you end up taking back?

•  Do you have no time to shop and feel your wardrobe is looking dated?

•  Are you stuck in a style rut?

•  Would you like to try new trends but just don't know where to start?

•  Do you simply hate shopping but wish you could just ‘magic up' a good basic wardrobe that could carry you through from work to play?

Urban Angels can assist you or a loved one in a ‘shopping day experience', whether in search of the perfect
outfit or building a new wardrobe. Whatever your needs, our styling and shopping experience will leaving you feeling amazing.

Styling and shopping experiences come in half and full days.

A car and a driver can be arranged for the day at an extra cost.

Your Wardrobe

Your Wardrobe•  Is your wardrobe full to bursting but you still simply have nothing to wear?

•  Do you wear 10% of your wardrobe 90% of the time?

Most people – whilst continuing to shop – edit their closets infrequently and fall behind changes in fashion, lifestyle and era. The resulting surplus of clothing, shoes and accessories not only creates clutter, but can also create confusion. It may seem as though there are more choices, but many people find themselves reaching for the same items over and again.

Urban Angels can help! We offer an evaluation of your current closet with assistance on what to keep, what to throw, what to sell or what to give to charity. The edited collection will be carefully organized to ensure
maximum wear and enjoyment, of course leaving space for any new additions.


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